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Messages From Your Soul: Bringing Your Soul’s True Purpose into Focus


You may feel as if life leaves your soul feeling neglected and undernourished, lacking passion, meaning or direction.

White Eagle Medicine Woman, one of our local shamanic healing practitioners, talks to us about our souls and how they communicate, constantly responding to our inner questions. She says, “The voice of the soul is often overlooked, but it is not that complicated to uncover it and unleash it!”

Here are ten tools White Eagle Medicine Woman encourages us to use to reconnect and nourish our souls, allowing us to develop insight into our soul’s true purpose, and answer some of life’s biggest questions.

What is my soul’s true purpose?
What did I come to Earth to learn, to give and to serve?

  1. Ask, and You Shall Receive!

Two well-known phrases in ancient spiritual texts are  “Ask, and you shall receive,” and “A people without a vision, perish.” This means that you are entitled to know your purpose and let it guide your soul’s destiny.

Meditate on the following:

Your Higher Purpose: What are you here this lifetime to learn?
Life Purpose: What are you here this lifetime to give to the world?
Soul Purpose: What are the gifts, talents, and abilities your soul carries that will help you enact your service?

Does the next step on your path serve you, serve others, and serve the Earth? Your soul purpose should be what you feel gives your life true meaning. It should move you from the ego’s personal gain to the soul’s personal service realigning all your decisions to serve the highest good of all!

  1. Pay Attention to How Your Soul Answers

The soul often speaks in threes. Listen carefully for your soul’s answers – what is showing up three times in your life? Often your soul will speak its message in your three dream areas: Living Dreams (daily life), Day Dreams (what you fantasize or worry about throughout the day), and Night Dreams.

  1. Take Stock of Your Soul’s Skills and Abilities

You know more than you think. Your soul is the immortal vehicle of your Spirit traveling and evolving from lifetime to lifetime. If you are a natural artist, teacher, or healer, these gifts may have been acquired from your ancestors or past lives.

Ask yourself these questions:

What are the gifts and talents acquired from your bloodlines and past lives?
How can you tap into this knowledge every day to validate your soul’s path to service?
How can this information be restored, rebooted, renewed, revived, and re-calibrated, so that you can more fully respond to your calling?

  1. Track Your Soul Contracts and Clearings

You may have made contracts before this life to assist and heal your own ancestors and to clear negative patterns, beliefs, and addictions from your bloodlines. Knowing which contracts from your past to keep and which ones need to be broken is important to your soul’s purpose and evolution.

  1. Sing the Song of Your Soul

Soul tone, soul codes, and the song of your soul allow you to stay in resonance with your soul’s true calling.

Soul tone is your unique sonic fingerprint, sometimes referred to in science as your base resonant frequency, and makes up your soul song. Learning your soul tones and soul song roots your purpose, and helps you to remember contracts and lessons.

How do you start to learn your soul song?

Ask, and you shall receive! Your soul tone and the song of your soul emerge from deep within as part of a primal and natural practice. It is a sound and song that takes you into timelessness. Since drums connect you deeply with your soul, playing a hand drum can assist you to access your soul song.

  1. Eat Your Soul Foods: Soul Sustainability

Explore these questions:

What do you find absolutely delicious and blissful?
What activities move you into complete timelessness?
What were some of your favorite things to do at age seven?
What do you love to do regardless if you were being paid?
If you had all the money in the world, what would you be doing?
Describe your dream job or life.

  1. Engage Your Soul’s Stage Players

To enact your soul guidance, there are five inner Shields or archetypes: Your Higher Self, Inner Man, Inner Woman, Inner Boy, and Inner Girl. Each member of your inner family has certain gifts, skills, and abilities to bring forth power, intuition, purpose, creativity, and peace to determine your soul purpose.

  1. Align with Your Soul Righteousness

Listen and align daily with your soul’s right vision, right place, right action, right people, and right timing. When you receive guidance, it should “ring true,” respond and take action! This definition of righteousness will begin to resonate within you – merge with it in utter joy and rapture.

  1. Commit Your Heart and Soul

The soul is your Spirit’s vehicle, and your heart is the engine. In the Native American Medicine Wheel teachings, aligning the five directions are like pistons in your heart engine and are known as following the “Good Red Road.” Each of these five aspects must be working to give your soul the power it needs.

Meditate on the following:

North: Mental Life – Clear heartedness

Do not take action without inner guidance and clarity, you will regret it. Do not ignore your guidance and refuse to take action, it leads to depression. Speak your vision and truth and do not judge others. Do this with your soul’s guidance.

East: Creative & Sexual Life – Strong Heartedness

Do not be affected by others opinions. Have the courage to be who you are and take action on your guidance. Stretch yourself, try new things, do not hold back. Allow your soul to guide you.

South: Emotional Life – Open and Soft Heartedness

Cultivate your vision. Say what you love as gratitude is the highest energy to manifest your dreams. Do this by paying attention to the heart and meaning of every interaction, focusing always on what IS working! Feed it with words of affirmation and it will bless your soul as well as others.

West: Physical Life – Full Heartedness

Ground your vision. Take daily steps. Be open to – not attached to – outcomes the universe may present. Put your whole self in. Remember you can only maintain what you can sustain.

Center of your Heart Spiritual Life – Light Heartedness

A sense of humor and flexibility are key to experiencing joy on this journey. Your spirit is the driver of your “soul vehicle” and determines your higher purpose and life purpose during this lifetime.

  1. Embrace Your Soul Mysteries

What happens when you receive unexpected calls from your soul – or you begin to call into question your soul’s purpose?

You may have heard that you are the creator of your reality. Your intentions (words) and your attention (where you focus your energy), create your reality. Intention + Attention = Manifestation. This is also called your “I am” power. You are both the dreamer and the dream.

Singer and songwriter Shawn Zuke wrote, “Dreams don’t always happen like you think they should, because dreams are dreaming too!”

Sometimes, you receive a vision that feels too big or impossible to you. You may feel overwhelmed. Trust that you will be given everything you need at the perfect time to fulfill your soul purpose.

Exercise: Tracking Your Soul Journey

Take time to create a Medicine Wheel Storyboard, or to journal the messages from your soul at the end of each day. Here are some questions to help you track your soul journey:

CENTER: Ignition: What awakens your inner light? What uplifts your Spirit? What do you do daily to expand your consciousness? What’s your relationship to the God/dess within? When do you last experience a spiritual awakening?

NORTH: Inspirations – What inspired you today? Who are your role models? What guidance are you receiving during daily meditations, dreams and quiet time? When was the last time you made time to be alone in silence and meditation? What is the greatest vision of your own soul purpose?

EAST: Initiations – What challenged you today? What do you really want to create? What new starts can you take to show up for your soul guidance today? What new learning’s or risks will help to expand you? When was the last time you sang your soul song?

SOUTH: Intuitions – What touched you today? What’s your intuition or gut knowing whispering to you? List the messages from your soul today. What’s your inner sense? What are you doing daily to rewrite and share your story to be the heroine of your journey, affirming yourself and focusing on what is working?

WEST: Imaginations – What surprised you today? What actual physical steps did you take to ground soul guidance today? What is a single step you need to take? What beliefs limit or expand you to dream big, to dream the impossible dream? When was the last time you went dancing?

For more about White Eagle Medicine Woman and the Grandmother Drum International Peace Project visit:

White Eagle Medicine Woman
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White Eagle Medicine Woman

White Eagle Medicine Woman is the founding director and Drum Keeper of the GrandMother Drum International Peace Project ,The Whirling Rainbow Foundation and Rainbow Fire Mystery School. She is internationally known as a shamanic healer, seer, trance-medium, author, teacher, ceremonial and performance artist of Native American and European heritage. She has traveled over a million miles touching a million people in 20 countries teaching and promoting personal and community wellness, consciousness,unity, peace, tribal reconciliation, and earth sustainability.

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