Moments of Transcendence: The Magic Essence of the Divine


The nearly unimaginable beauty and splendor of the divine incarnations of the Creator are miraculous, particularly to those of us who still hold childlike wonder in our hearts and are continually amazed at the magnificence of the universe and its contents.

You know how the saying goes that good things happen when you least expect them? Well, it is certainly true. And those experiences can be magical.

My life has been unusually stressful lately, and this has temporarily taken an uncharacteristic toll on my body.  There have been a few symptoms I’ve never had before that I am ready to release. The reason could be that my personal life has been more like a circus of balancing acts lately. Don’t know about you, but I am one to look for underlying causes. What’s underneath that attracts these circumstances into our lives?

Sure, you could attribute it to the full moon from this year’s Summer Solstice, whose gravity affects everything from the number of marriage licenses to crime rates.  Or you could blame it in part to the undeniable effect of Mars, the red plant that represents assertiveness and action.  It’s now preparing to come closer to the Earth’s atmosphere than it ever has been in our entire lives and will appear as large as a full moon in early August. Even people who aren’t sensitive have noticed some interesting shifts in their feelings and emotions in the past month.

Or you could say that I’d fallen prey to being weak, letting my emotional reactions to a virtual meteor shower of circumstances affect my body. But my “glass-is more-than-half-full” disposition is so sunny that most people find it odd. After having lived through several life-threatening challenges and having experienced more trauma than most, I don’t even like the word stress. My positive attitude is continually working to override it. I hold the belief that anything is possible.

Ready for Relief

As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be of service to God and my fellow humans. Firmly rooted in my mind is this intention, and so the seeds are freshly planted into my subconscious daily. “Divine Spirit, please show me how to be an instrument of your will.” Whatever the cause of this strange combination of events, I thought it was high time to enlist some outside help. I decided to schedule a visit with my acupuncture specialist. My only regret was that I couldn’t get in sooner. Those who are best at what they do often have a waiting list.

So my aching lower back with its relentless pain and my shoulder with its throbbing, knotted muscles would have to wait another week, not to mention that my nerves had hit a wall beyond tears I never knew existed.  Ah, patience. This was definitely an instance where the seemingly endless choices of holistic care offered in Phoenix started to sound good, although I wouldn’t need acupuncture if I was actually up to driving four hours round trip (at the time I lived in Prescott, Arizona).

The following Friday finally arrived. By then I was nearly doubled over with the added torment of severe cramping from the start of my monthly female cycle.  This was unusual too. I normally glide right through that time of the month without a hitch.  Those seven days felt like a month as I regularly found myself on the edge of passing out from a delirious state of mind. Induced by pain that had gone too far, it felt as if I’d been sucked into a game of pinball, and I was the steel ball. I was all lit up. It was kind of funny, almost entertaining, that I could achieve such a lightheaded feeling without taking any medicine, natural or artificial. But I was certainly ready for some relief.

So into the office I went.  It was a great experience, but there wasn’t anything remarkable about my first visit. I felt better but still needed more work, and I scheduled a second visit. Five days later I returned and was cheerfully greeted by the receptionist and directed to the “fairy” room.  It felt appropriate that that was where I was being sent, given my situation. I thought the dancing fairy picture on the wall was kind of soothing. It was relaxing to look at while I waited to be strategically poked with pins.

No more than a few minutes had passed when I heard the words, “Thank you for helping us with our work,” as clearly as if a man sitting next to me had spoken them.  I immediately replied, “Thank you too.” Then suddenly the entire room came alive with angels. I’d had a few visits with them in the past, and each one was special, but I’d never seen so many—-they completely filled the space from the floor to ceiling.

The bright light surrounding them was intoxicating. Their heavenly forms danced around me gracefully and clearly. They hovered close to the massage table where I lay. Extreme happiness filled every inch of me. Then a waterfall of tears began pouring from my eyes with a loving intensity I’d never known before. I raised my arms up and out in a gesture of gratitude.

I’d waited my whole life for an experience like this, and now it was coming true.  Then a brilliant light-blue object that was very large and round appeared over my stomach. It was there for only a few minutes. Even though I was unsure of its meaning, I continued to express my thankfulness. Then a smaller angel moved over me and lifted the large blue ball straight up as it slowly vanished.  Instantly all my pain was gone! My intense stomach cramping disappeared, and my back and shoulders went from an intense ache to feeling soft and comfortable.

I Experienced a Miracle from Divine Creator

I have to give some of the credit to my very talented acupuncturist, who I would highly recommend, but this was nothing short of a miracle. My spirits were lifted so high that I felt like a new person. My spirits were lifted to God himself. What we often perceive as miracles might simply be ordinary things, completely congruent to the laws of the universe and just a part of what is.

Thank you, thank you, divine Creator, for somehow using me as your instrument and for letting me be of service.

 Thank you for showing me your ethereal light, and letting me experience you through your loving angels. Thank you for healing my pain. I was very blessed by this experience. It left behind a permanent smile on my soul. As my day continued, my joy was reflected by everyone whom I met. It was just another sweet reminder that we are all one in Spirit.

I am thrilled to say that I’ve learned once again about the extreme beauty and grace of the many expressions of God and of the undying, unconditional love and limitless potential that lives deep inside all of us.

The information provided on this site should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this site. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.

Deborah Denis

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