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Good News! There’s Hope for Your Aging Brain


There’s so much bad news about cognitive decline and your likelihood of becoming its victim that you might fear growing old.

New research, however, offers a ray of hope among the doom and gloom. A recent study suggests that unlike other primates, humans actually do go on forming new brain cells as they age.

Much controversy has existed about what happens to the brain as people shift toward the autumn and winter of life, and many scientists believed that, at some point, humans stopped making fresh brain cells. Their conclusion stemmed from research involving primates and rodents, however, rather than humans.

The latest evidence provides a brighter picture.

It’s now suspected elderly folks continue to create fresh brain cells and have a comparably sized hippocampus, the part of the brain used for cognition and emotion, to younger people. They do, nonetheless, have less vascularization and the connectivity of their cells might not be as good.

Still, the update in knowledge provides a vastly improved picture for humans as they enter their twilight years. It really is worth staying mentally and physically active in the hope doing so will influence brainpower positively even if you’re in your eighties or above.

According to Saga, who focus on the needs of the elderly, attitude is the main ingredient when it comes to enjoying life while aging. They propose mindset influences brain age more than most other factors. If you are creative, optimistic, and aim to have fun you won’t feel or act as old as someone with a negative outlook.

Armed with this knowledge, you can look forward to a healthier brain despite the passing years.

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