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7 Great Things to do with Your Life


I believe it reasonable to say that everybody wants to enjoy (as well as live) their life to the full in whatever direction they are going in.

If you feel that life for you is drab, tiring or even meaningless, then here are some exceptional things to do which will help you to focus towards a marvellous and fulfilling life.

1. Get Energised!

Have you seen people who exude enthusiasm and have a sparkle in their eyes? There is a look of contentment, decisiveness but also peace that you simply cannot ignore but just admire. These are individuals who follow their interests and loves, live a life of satisfaction, are highly motivated and most of all are happy! They have made an effort to discover their interests and they do something about it in order to make it an irreversible ingredient of their lives. To find these interests, you need to follow your heart and instincts and discover things that energise and influence you. Then make the best of it/them. Get energetic!

2. Do Everything with Love

Understand quickly that there is no point in doing things if there is no love behind them, or at least some love. Everything we do should have an element of love attached to it. We need to apply this to everything we do, from our work lives (how many of us actually love what we do?) to the somewhat mundane activities of life such as washing the car, shopping, taking a shower etc; If you start thinking about the personal benefits you receive by doing these so called ‘mundane’ activities, you can soon learn to appreciate and love doing them. The bottom line is, anything you do should have a love connection with the reason why you are doing it. Otherwise, do not do it!

3. Get in the best shape possible

We could spend forever going from one diet plan to another, buying gym subscriptions, looking at nutritional values and reviewing articles on the healthy way to conduct our lives. We could also go out buying supplements, fasting for days, running hard – the list is endless. However, it is down to our approach to getting in the best shape possible and our mental fortitude. Without dedicating ourselves to getting fit we will find it difficult to becoming successful in other areas of our life or feel happy and completely satisfied as a whole. Healthy body = healthy mind. It does not take much effort, even if you feel you cannot or do not have the time. That is a lame excuse so take the decision to do it and set aside some time. Plan what you want to achieve, start small and also do something every day no matter how small. Everyone can give 15 minutes per day!

4. Provide

In good and hard times, when you have a lot to do and when you have absolutely nothing, when you enjoy life and when you are depressed, keep in mind to be there for others.
Life is absolutely nothing if we do not share, help and provide. There is a personal higher conscious of satisfaction knowing that you have helped someone. It could be a small thing, but small things matter! Try random acts of kindness – they are fantastic for the well being of both the giver and receiver. When was the last time you saw someone help an elderly person across a busy road, or offer to give someone a lift into town? Make it your goal to help someone, somewhere at least once a week.

5. Challenge your Habits

Many of us are ‘wired’ not to take too many risks – it is a human thing. However, there are a few out there who enjoy taking that extra step, or choose to do things differently which in itself has an element of risk associated. And why not? Taking risks can be exciting and also hugely fulfilling. So, go out there and challenge yourself whenever you have the opportunity. On a daily basis try something new, do something that frightens you (Baz Luhrmann encouraged us to do this in 1990 with his song!), amaze yourself and those that know you. This way you will broaden and expand the limits that you have currently set yourself (unconscious and conscious limits). You will become a fascinating individual, prepared or preparing for new journeys that challenge and excite. Remember our lives are not some special rehearsal; we need to live it now! Which leads nicely to the next point…

6. Living Now and Loving it

Living in the now, absolutely experiencing it and being grateful about it, is a powerful feeling to have. It can help you to focus on exactly what you have right now, a perspective that can alter your world. How many times during your day do you look back at events that have happened, over which you have no control anymore? We may feel happy about something in the past or even sad – but guess what, we have absolutely no influence anymore on that event. What we can influence however, is our now. Look at every minute as a wonderful opportunity to maybe complete that piece of work that you wanted to finish, relish the people around you or stare in awe at the planet that exists.  View the stars, the moon, the sun, clouds, sky, forests and lakes with wonder – it is a wonderful way to excite your brain – try it out!

7. Enjoy Quiet

 A pilot knows that if they fly into the centre of a hurricane there is stillness and calm – yet all around them, the wind howls and the storm rages. We live in busy and, often noisy environments – hopefully not with too many hurricanes! However, establishing contact with yourself during quiet times is going into the ‘centre’ and one of the few opportunities that you have the chance to say ‘hello’ to the inner you. It is a beautiful connection to make and really not difficult to do. You can find a room at home and shut the door. You can walk into the fields or woods and sit down in a secluded spot. You will find the place and then you just need to do – nothing! Quieten your ‘inner talk’ by staring at the sky, a flower, the flame of a candle, all guaranteed to allow escapism and quietness. Even sub -consciously this is connecting to you, your soul purpose and wonderfully cleansing to do. Try this, it is worth it just for 10 minutes of your daily life.

Think about these 7 items and determine whether you are ready and willing to create these adjustments to start living an amazing life. You know that it’s up to you. Will it work? Again, its up to you, but for sure if you do not try, then you will never know…

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Mike Noel-Smith

Mike Noel-Smith

Mike works as a trainer, consultant, mentor, coach, public speaker, and writer in the fields of human, business, and organizational endeavors. He works with public, governmental, business, sport, and organizational clients throughout the world. He has spent the last decade working mainly in the Middle East, living in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates as well as conducting extensive projects in Kuwait and Bahrain. Mike has worked with global brands as well as small businesses, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership Management, ILM. Mike dedicates his work towards the following key areas: Organizational and Personal Development, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Leadership, Mental Resilience, High Performing Teams Coaching and teachings from the Ancients. The bottom line is, Mike becomes the difference that makes a difference! His company, Discover Synergy is dedicated to helping organizations achieve exactly what they want, and you can see more information at: He draws on years of his direct experience in working with leadership and project teams. This allows him to coach and mentor executives and individuals, as well as train the next generation of leaders and facilitate motivational processes for sports teams on a national and international level. His earlier career included almost two decades serving with the British Army. He loves supporting charities through physical endurance projects and has a deep connection with the mountains and the wild open sea. He lives in the UK with his family. Mike has also written a book called Wild Waters in the Roar, about his amazing journey rowing across the Indian Ocean. Find a copy on Amazon.

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